Ryn’s Online Portfolio

willow/vine charcoal & medium soft charcoal

Still life of things. With other things.


The woes of a skeletal being who just wants to take a beautiful gal out on the town.

red conte

What happens in class when I am supposed to ‘keep it simple’.

graphite & pen

Flirty little bugger that I was trying to draw in my life drawing class.


Same little Hobbit-like fellow, done with a bit more thick lines & shadows.

graphite, lighting study

Sometimes, these things…they happen.

ink wash on toned paper

Project for school: we had to group up as a unit of 4, and each draw one quarter of our faces so that we could combine them all into one.

pen & ink wash on paper

Reproduction of a famous artist’s work for class.

graphite on toned paper

Started as a still life of several objects, it was cut out so as to show an ‘out of context’ composition.


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