W.I.P. ~ Also, hey look: a short short film festival.

W.I.P. ~ Also, hey look: a short short film festival.

Working on booklets for an event at the Strathcona Library ~ here be the front cover (not totally done though). 😉


New zine: “Anorexia Verbosa: a zine about my experience of an eating disorder”

As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder for 10+ years, this is well worth reading.

Noisy and Quiet

I made a new zine recently, called “Anorexia Verbosa: a zine about my experience of an eating disorder”. I was diagnosed as anorexic about 12 years ago and have been in recovery since then; I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been “over” it but I haven’t reached the level of ill-health as I did at 17/18 years old.

I put off writing this zine for many reasons, which I talk about in the zine, but was encouraged to do it recently when thinking about a possible workshop on making zines about eating disorders to do with teens at a local school. I’ve included the edition of the zine that has resources included in it, resources based in “victoria b.c.” on Lekwungen, Esquimalt and WSANEC homelands:

Vancouver Island Crisis Line: 1-888-494-3888

Online Crisis Chat @ http://www.vicrisis.ca/

Eating Disorders Program (South Island)

2955 Jutland Road, Victoria, BC, V8T 5J9

(250) 387-0000

British Columbia…

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